Who is Daisy?

Daisy is a one and a half year old American Pitbull Terrier who was diagnosed with heart-worms about a month ago. The Covid pandemic has had many adverse effects,

even on animals across the country. Around the nation, families have gone through the pain of having to give up their four-legged members because they could no longer afford to care for them. When I heard about the devastating toll that the pandemic was having on animal shelters around the country, I spoke to my parents about what we could do to help. 

We decided the best way to help was to directly give these animals the love they deserve. At the beginning of June 2020, we decided to foster Daisy from the Paws Atlanta No-Kill Animal Shelter. In October, we adopted her and gave her a permanent home.

At our first meeting, we could immediately see how extraordinarily sweet Daisy was. She was ecstatic to play with us and shower us with love. But beneath all the wet, loving kisses is an obstinate trauma that has been left behind from the abusive hands of her previous owners. Displayed publicly in the scars branded on her neck and the terror-induced flinches from even the slightest noises, it is clear that Daisy has had a painful childhood. We don't know her exact story, but we are committed to helping Daisy escape this dark cloud by giving her all the help she needs and, most importantly, never letting her feel unloved again.

On top of her tragic history, Daisy’s recent diagnosis of heartworms has also threatened her current safety. To ensure that she lives the long, happy life that she should, we strictly monitor her well-being through diminished exercise, which decelerates the growth of her heartworms, and intake of medication.

Despite these hardships, she is the sweetest pup you will ever meet. She compelled even my mom, a resilient cat-lover, to become a dog person! Daisy has changed the entire family dynamic in our home. She may not know how bright her light shines, but her spirit has warmed our hearts. We will do everything we can to provide comfort to her and reciprocate the love that she has brought into our lives. 

Why Do We Tell Daisy's Story?

Dogs in shelters all over the world suffer through the same hardships as Daisy. When looking to foster/adopt, few people settle for pitbulls because of their stereotypical violent nature. When people think of fostering/adopting a dog with heart-worms, most don't end up doing so because all they see is the medical bill. Past-trauma interferes with many people's image of a perfect, healthy dog. While most people see these hardships as problems and issues that seem like too much to deal with, be the exceptional bunch that sees that these are what makes these dogs unique. Dogs like Daisy deserve a loving home and family just as much as any other dog. We encourage you to be that family. Adopting Daisy was one of best decisions we have made in our lives. While the obstacles may be tough to deal with at first, you will receive the most rewarding prize at the end, a new family member that loves you.