The Canned Foods For Masks Project

During to the current Covid-19 pandemic, many families have become financially unable to support themselves. Lilburn Co-op is a wonderful local organization that receives donations from people around the Lilburn community to help families in need. In association with "Sew To Save", I started a subproject, "Canned Foods for Masks", for neighborhoods in the Parkview Community. I distribute hand-sewn masks to people in the community in exchange for any canned foods they may have which will then be donated to Lilburn Co-op. So far, I've have collected over 900 items from people in the community and have made/delivered over 220 masks.

How You Can Help

If you live near Lilburn, GA, I would love to distribute cloth masks to your family, coworkers, and friends in exchange for any canned foods you may have. I can make both adult-sized masks and customized masks for children. All you have to do is fill out the form below and email it to 

Click here for the CFFM Order Form

CFFM Updates

June 12 2020, Friday

Started this project just 3 days ago, and I have already received so many canned goods. Here is a video to thank everyone for their support!

June 13 2020, Saturday

Today we delivered about 280 items to Lilburn Co-op which is amazing! Here is a slideshow of our visit.

June 16 2020, Tuesday

We were able to deliver about 370 items to Lilburn Co-op today! Thank you for everyone's support. Here is a slideshow of our visit.

June 27 2020, Saturday

We deliver about 260 items to Lilburn Co-op today! So close to reaching 1000. Thank you all so much! Here are some pictures from our visit.