Jing Jing's Story

Jing Jing is a 3 year old girl diagnosed with Methylmalonic Acidemia (MMA). MMA is an extremely rare genetic disorder that prevents her from consuming certain amino acids, meaning in simpler terms that she cannot eat most protein-containing foods. 

If she were to consume anything more than small quantities of protein, she would be put at high risk for brain damage. People with MMA need a specific amino acid powder formula, which costs $20-$30 for one container roughly the size of a can of Coca-Cola. Where Jing Jing lives (a remote area outside of Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China), she doesn't have the privilege of being provided with free formula by her hospital like patients in the United States. Her current living situation is incredibly difficult, and it is a struggle for those responsible for her life. Her parents have separated under the strain of this shocking diagnosis, and she is now under the care of her grandma. 

What We Have Done For Jing Jing

In the summer of 2019, I spearheaded the Jing Jing Project and began raising money around my community by spreading awareness of Jing Jing's situation on social media. I was able to raise approximately $350 to pay for Jing Jing's formula and collect low-protein food packages. Later that summer, Larry Wang joined my team and started locally monitoring Jing Jing's health. He continued to raise money for Jing Jing in his community in Shijiazhuang City through social media and was able to collect another $300. I visited Jing Jing on a trip to China that summer accompanied by Larry Wang and personally gave Jing Jing the money we raised and the low-protein food packages. In total, Larry and I were able to raise enough money to sustain Jing Jing for 12 months. We both remain close with Jing Jing and her family and continue to support them through tough times, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.  

Click through the following slideshow to view pictures that document the Jing Jing project (permission granted by Jing Jing's family).


Our main focus for this year is replenishing the supply of PKU formula. Recently, I have been raising money for Jing Jing by selling upcycled clothes to people through Instagram and Poshmark. I take cheap, simple clothing items from locations like Walmart and thrift stores, and I restyle them. All of the profits I earn from selling these clothes go to Jing Jing's protein powder.

You can check out these clothes below:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/joysthriftflip/

I have personally contributed $250 towards Jing Jing's protein powder - earnings from a summer job I took on. 

What YOU Can Do For Jing Jing

Donate! Jing Jing is such a brilliant, sweet girl, and with your help she can truly live her life to her fullest potential. We would be so grateful if you could take just two minutes to give to her cause. Even the smallest amount of just $5 is so greatly appreciated by us and her family. 

The Jing Jing Project Team

Rising High School Senior

Parkview High School

Lilburn, GA


Joy Ren


Yufeng "Larry" Wang

Team Organizer

Rising High School Junior

No 2 High School

Shijiazhuang, Hebei