How Has Covid-19 Psychologically Impacted The Youth?

The current Covid-19 pandemic has created an immense amount of changes in everyone's lives whether it's financially, domestically, or psychologically. One huge outcome of the pandemic is its psychological effect on today's adolescence who have never experienced anything like what they have been experiencing in the past few months. Many aspects of the change such as isolation from peers, the strengthening or deterioration of family relationships, financial instability, fear of losing a loved one, and more are contributing greatly to current teenagers' mental health. 

What We Have Done to Help

In order to seek out coping strategies and treatment to help improve the mental health state of teenagers in our nation, I created a survey to conduct a study on how certain aspects of Covid-19 are affecting our youth's mental health. With the data I gathered from 100 students between the grades of rising high school freshmen to rising college freshmen, I looked at the relationships between events in these students' lives and the psychological impact it had on them. Recently, Mrs. Yan Gao presented by findings at her nationwide parent counseling event, using the data I collected to educate and guide parents on how to help their teenagers deal with the changes brought upon by the pandemic positively and maintain a healthy mentality.


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